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Mobile devices have smaller displays than computers and are not connected to power in the same way that desktop and laptop computers are. For these reasons, AutoCAD Mobile is designed for use on mobile devices. AutoCAD for iPad was first released in August 2010. AutoCAD for iPhone was first released in April 2009 and AutoCAD for Android in February 2009.

Elements of the AutoCAD design process are similar between desktop and mobile. However, several interface options differ significantly.

Design View

Desktop and mobile AutoCAD applications share the same design view, which contains a number of views from which users can navigate the design. The design view can be used to view the model and its components, edit components, add new components, and view documentation.

When in design view, the user can:

• Use the ruler to navigate the model.

• Move the model using the navigation stick.

• Zoom in and out on the model.

• Rotate the model using the screen center and rotate buttons.

• Edit components by right-clicking on them in the model, and choose from several options, including rotate, copy, move, and delete.

• Select the components by double-clicking them in the model.

• Inspect the components.

• Apply an object filter by typing a search term in the filter field, located below the location bar in the top-left corner of the screen.

• View a component’s properties.

• View the components documentation.

The most important features in the design view are outlined below.

Model View

The model view shows the model that the user has selected. The model view also contains many views, such as Axes, Bounding Box, Components, Section Planes, and so on, as well as other features.

To navigate the model, use the navigation stick. To move an object in the model view, drag it using the navigation stick. To rotate the model, move the model view to a desired rotation, and then rotate the model view.

To zoom in on the model, double-click on the navigation stick. To zoom out, double-click anywhere on the model view.

To rotate the model view, move the screen center to the rotation axis of the desired orientation, and then click. The model view will rotate around the screen center.

To scale the model view, double-click on


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Create a new drawing and create a line.

Press the key combination.

The line will become editable, you can change it or add it.

Click the Save button.

After saving the drawing the file will open in the left menu.

You have a new ‘line drawing’ in the list.

If you have to create many lines, it is best to create a second document.

Choose ‘autocad’ as a source and load the file.

Hope this helps you,

The Rev

PS: Ok, that’s all I can think of for now.

The Rev

31.01.2014 – 09:31

Hi Rev, thanks for the explanation. However I get an error message “Specified file not found” while doing “Add image”. Do you have any idea what I’m doing wrong?


28.01.2014 – 10:08

Hello, I am using AutoCAD 2010 on Mac OS X 10.7.4.
I have version 18.1
The “layer key” works fine, but the “line key” only works on a single line. It won’t work on the next line. Please help, thank you.


The Rev

05.02.2014 – 04:16

PS: you can download the latests versions of AutoCAD from the website of Autodesk. The software is fully compatible with AutoCAD 2010.

The Rev

06.02.2014 – 04:04

Hi Teebee,

Thanks for your message. I think you are right: there is a bug in the latest version of AutoCAD 2010 that requires a new key.

I created one for you: “ACAD.LAYER.LINES (Mac).”

You can find it in the software menu and then ‘Open’.

The Rev

Thanks for the new layer key Teebee. We are currently looking into a software update.

The Rev

21.02.2014 – 05:37

Hey Rev,

Sorry for the delay in answering. The problem in AutoCAD 2012 is very obvious. You can never select a line, but only the circle. If you want to select a line, you have to start drawing a second time. I think this is a bug of autocad.

Hello, I

What’s New in the?

See how paper and PDF comments get incorporated in your drawings, and how these comments become associated with objects or views. The comments are automatically imported and changes are automatically applied to the design.

Import paper and PDF comments using an automatic import process. Applying the feedback is an entirely separate process.

Link the comments to the CAD elements. The paper or PDF comments can be associated with any existing element in your design.

Markup Assist:

Extract and concatenate comments from paper and PDFs.

Assemble comments from multiple pages and display them as a single comment.

Automatically import the comments into your drawings.

Extract and concatenate comments from paper and PDFs.

Assemble comments from multiple pages and display them as a single comment.

Automatically import the comments into your drawings.

Link comments to the CAD elements.

Create and manage links between comments and the elements.

Create a comment timeline for multiple comments.

Display the comment timeline as a timeline annotation or a straight timeline.

Show and hide timeline items at runtime.

Create comment timelines for paper or PDF comments, and for sheet names.

Export to Excel:

Easily export all comments and annotations in any drawing to Excel.

Add comments to Excel worksheets using the Excel ribbon.

Change any drawing’s comments from Excel worksheet by using the Excel ribbon.

Export comments to Excel as a separate worksheet.

Filter comments by type: Author, Category, Focus.

Export comments from the entire drawing, or from selected views, elements, or annotative text.

Export comments and annotations to a single Excel worksheet, or separate worksheets.

Export to multiple workbooks, including hiding comments and annotations.

Color Enhancements:

Quickly increase the saturation, brightness, or contrast of any image or line.

Use the color picker to select colors that are visually pleasing to you.

Use the color picker to select colors in a specific color range.

Show a guide around an object or view when you select it.

Show the color of an object or a selected view.

Toggle auto-level when drawing a linear dimension.

Select a view and open the Auto

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

The game has no system requirements. You can play it on any platform as long as you have Java installed.
6/2/2020 – A new version has been released! Version fixes a lot of bugs and also allows the whole game to run in Web mode.
Go to this link to download:
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