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BatDelay Crack+ License Code & Keygen PC/Windows [Latest 2022]

Change Log:
Initial release.

File: BatDelay.bat
Revision 1.1 2010/10/03 09:52:32 PM
Initial release
Tested with Windows XP with Visual Studio 2005


BatDelay Tutorial:

If it doesn’t work, try removing the “>” and “>” characters.


~Requested by: Ron in the post:

Waiting for key press

In Windows, wait for a key press in a batch file by using ReadKey().
For example, here we wait for 0 seconds, and write “Press Enter”.

echo Press Enter

::Write the key to the specified stream.
::ReadKey – wait 0 seconds for a key press.
::If the specified timeout elapses, then ReadKey terminates.

::Waits for a key press.
::If the specified timeout elapses, then ReadKey terminates.

::Press the specified key.
::If the specified timeout elapses, then ReadKey terminates.
::Press any key to exit.

setlocal ENABLEDelayedExpansion

::Read a key from the specified stream.
set /a time=0

::Get the current input stream.
for /F “delims=” %%i in (‘C:WindowsSystem32TASKLIST /FO LIST’) do (
set “INPUT=%%i”

::Read the first character from the specified stream.

::Write the key to the specified stream.

BatDelay For PC

BatDelay is a console application. It delays a specified number of seconds and exit if a key is pressed. It allows to delay user interaction to applications.

BatDelay Usage:

BatDelay.exe [-s ] -f -k [] []

The delay can be expressed as number of seconds, e.g.:

BatDelay -s 5000

In batch script or when commands are used automatically, set the delay based on number of seconds.

BatDelay Example:

@if (@this==@That) @then
@echo can now be delayed

@echo off
SetLocal EnableDelayedExpansion
Title Delaying for @Seconds…
@For /F “delims= ” %%A In (‘cscript //nologo //E:Jscript //E:Jscript v8.0 /nologo /js:usevars /x:5 /o:t /sc:2 /fr:’BatDelay.js’) Do @Set “%%B”
@Title Finished

* @author: 0001
* @version: 1.0
var fso = WScript.CreateObject(‘Scripting.FileSystemObject’);
//var reg = new ActiveXObject(‘WScript.Shell’).Registry;

var userName = WScript.ScriptFullName;
var exitFunction = false;
var key;
var fout;
var numbofseconds = 0;

userName = userName.substr(0, userName.indexOf(‘.’));

if(Number(userName)!= Number(userName))
userName = Number(userName);
if(!Number(userName) || isNaN(userName))
userName = WScript.ScriptFullName;

function PrintPage
var aLine = “”;
var aLength = 0;
var aLinePos = aLength;
for(var i = 0; i

BatDelay Crack

1. Delay for specified number of seconds
2. Time out after specified delay
3. Output a keystroke after specified delay

> Note: When using key mapping this program will not work. It will only detect keypresses that occur inside of a batch file. Please look at the “Advanced Usage Example”“
for the correct use of the program and “!BatDelay Ex & Delayed” for a batch file example

BatDelay Input

BatDelay has a number of useful flags and arguments that allow you to indicate at what stage in the program execution is expected to occur. The program will then wait for a keypress before proceeding. While program is running, you can press enter to abort the wait, or you can press any key and get your desired keystroke as output.

**Note** The program exits after detecting a keypress or a time out is reached. As such, it is suggested that you use Ctrl+C to halt execution as this stops the wait and also implies End task (CTRL+Z).


When this flag is enabled, the program will wait for a keypress before proceeding. In this instance, the keypress will be the first keypress after the flag is enabled. In the event that a keypress is not received, the program will wait for the specified timeout.

If a program is set to output a keystroke when a key is pressed then this flag will output the keystroke and then wait the time specified before continuing the program execution. If a key is pressed during the wait stage the program will abort.

What’s New In?

This application will enable you to set the delay before starting the specified executable.
If no key is pressed within the specified time, it will end. You can also customize the duration of the delay and the message that is displayed when it ends.
This is an easy method to delay executing a program and still have a nice response.

The Delayed Execution of a Program.
This application can be setup to delay the execution of a program within a specified number of seconds. This is a good way to apply the delay to a batch file as an example. You can also setup to display a specified message when this program is delayed. This may help an in what version of Windows you are running.

BatDelay Features:

– The bat file is setup to launch a program without delay
– You can specify a number of seconds to delay the program execution
– You can display a message at the beginning, middle or end
– Option to set the delay duration in minutes, hours, days or months
– Option to set a running status with a message

– BatDelay v2.1
– Full version
– with program scope for Windows 7+
– Completely customisable and upgradable code

BatDelay v2.1 Description:
I have included my own Version of the program. I have done several updates to the program to include a set of customisable delay options for Windows 7+ and the updates allow the program to work with multiple programs running.
I have also added an option to display a running status at the beginning, middle or end of the delay. This gives the program a more professional look with the delay running in the middle of the delay. This is a great way to display a status as a status report to a user.

This is an easy application to use. I have successfully used this program on several Windows 7 work stations.
I hope you can use the program and enjoy it.

BatDelay 2.3 Description:
I have updated the program to allow a second delay after the initial delay.
I have added a status message option so the delay can display at the beginning, middle or end of the delay.

I have also updated the program to allow a main process to be delayed and any child processes too. This is in hopes of reducing CPU usage.

BatDelay 2.5 Description:
BatDelay 2.5 is a complete overhaul of the program. The program now

System Requirements For BatDelay:

PC and Mac OS X
Minimum System Requirements:
Recommended System Requirements:
Windows Vista
Windows XP
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280