Can’t print from my firmware to my brand new Fuji Xerox DocuPrint

by kathar
Published: June 22, 2022 (4 days ago)

Can’t print from my firmware to my brand new Fuji Xerox DocuPrint



Download Driver May In Fuji Xerox P105b

Hi What’s the current state of sending faxes with a Fuji Xerox P105b that is hooked up via USB or Ethernet? How do you set up a Xerox P115c? I have a Fuji Xerox P115c and Ubuntu 12.10. The printer looks like a fax.
I have 4 options under “all printers” and “accessories”. Also I can print to the USB shared printer under “home” and “network”. When I try to print to the fax machine, it’s like it goes through the fax machine and stops.

I didn’t realize USB faxes were so complicated. I don’t see anything in either of your pictures that looks like a parallel port to me. Also, I would think that xerox would have made it simpler to use their printers with Linux. I’m sure the programs to do this for Linux are available in the software center.

Thank you for your suggestions. I’m not quite sure what you mean. I can print to the USB printer just fine when connected via USB. I want to print to the fax machine. I mean I can’t find an app that does this. It says like no faxes found and when I go to the driver I have it doesn’t match.
Here’s what I do. I plug the USB cable into the computer and the device into the phone. I go to the contacts in the computer and select the fax machine that is connected to the phone.

I press call and give it the phone number for the fax machine.
When I go to the printer it shows up as a fax machine. I press the paper feed button and the phone line says fax sending. But nothing is printed. I try to send something and it says “No faxes found”.
If I print a hard copy of what I want to fax and send it it prints and then it says send successful fax.

The program I use to send is This is the program that would normally send the fax via the phone line. I know it works because I have a different model of fax machine and I can print it out and send it the same way. This is the program I want to use, but it says there are no faxes found. How can I send the fax?
Thanks for any help! I am not technical, so please explain to me what you did. Thank you.

My printer is not working. Where can I download a working driver for Fuji Xerox Docuprint c

Download Xerox Driver for. Drivers for Fuji Xerox CP-1060, CP-1120, CP-1120f, CP-T120-TR120, CP-T120-TR130, CP-T120-TR140, CP-T120-TR140f, CP-T120-TR140 and all other Xerox/Océ Technologies products are also.
Find a manual for your Xerox DocuPrint CP105b. View and Download Xerox DocuPrint CP105b owner’s manual. PC Repair, Drivers, Software & Drivers.
Xerox DocuPrint CP105b drivers | – The Xerox DocuPrint CP105b is a colour laser printer which can be. Uh oh! it looks like there aren’t any drivers for the printer.
My Xerox DocuPrint CP105b printer. Well, Xerox hasn’t put out new drivers for the Fujitsu Xerox DocuPrint CP105b but if anyone knows of a good printer driver for it,.
Download Driver Free for Windows 10, 8, 7. How to Install the SFF Printing Driver in the Xerox Copier. A printer driver is a small piece of software that can.Oops! It seems we are experiencing an issues with our contact form. How are we going to fix this?

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