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This site is owned by Net Univision. All or some of the content of this website may be protected by copyright laws, international conventions, and/or other laws which protect intellectual property rights.The Trump administration and state and local authorities are actively trying to forestall coronavirus contagion and contain spread of the disease, even at the expense of human life. But the administration’s “social distancing” mantra has come under particular criticism from one powerful group: America’s doctors.

Concerned that the government is limiting its medical advice, some of America’s most famous physicians, like four-time cancer survivor Dr. Sidney Resnicoff, have urged individual Americans to disregard the government’s word and self-govern as best they can. “With public officials’ desire to encourage us to ignore the truth and recommendations to ‘stay home, save lives,’ it is very important that those of us who care for and treat patients have access to all the information to do so,” Resnicoff wrote last week in a New York Times op-ed.

The government has never denied that the virus can be transmitted from person to person, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention acknowledged this week that there is no evidence of airborne transmission, meaning it can’t spread via tiny droplets of fluid in the air. But infections and mortality rates from COVID-19—the disease caused by the new coronavirus—are much higher in elderly people, and the majority of cases have occurred within a small group of people aged 60 and older. “With a population aging worldwide, it’s clear that the virus will disproportionately hit older people, and that means that anyone with health issues is at a higher risk,” Dr. Michael Merritt, the vice chairman of the American Academy of Family Physicians, told me.

As a result, social distancing is essential to keep the numbers of people infected down, said Merritt, who is also an emergency physician at the University of Pennsylvania. If hundreds of thousands of people become sick at once—as has happened in other countries—the number of victims will far exceed the health care system’s capacity to treat them, Merritt said. “The virus is not going to stop at the border of a country. It’s going to spread throughout

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Added in v9.x is an Ispol application for.. file and the size of the file -.
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