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by laumaus
Published: June 9, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

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Fitoor (2016) Movie Story: follows a young Kashmiri boy named Noor.
Footage – footage from the film “Modoc” filmed in 1967 by director Prashant Pallikar in Bombay. Kashmiri boy and Indian father living in India.
Not only the Islamic prophet, but also Indian culture is under the negative influence of Islam, especially after India.
My father is in the Indo-Pakistan Border Guard.
The boy is still quite small, but he is already beginning to understand the enmity between them. Because of this, many strange things happen to him.
The film was shot at a very high level.
And for the unusual method of shooting, even shuddered, as they say.
The film refers to the works of the classics of Indian literature, such as R. Kipling “The Jungle Book”, P. Gasset, S. Packard “Beliefs of India”, T. Mosco “Delhi. Hidden History”.
Regardless of what religion you profess, despite the fact that there are Muslim adherents, and Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and everything in general. In any case, it is better to meet the animals of the world than to make trouble on your own head.But the most important thing is to really correctly show the development of any city and society.
Emotions are very beautiful, despite the deadly cruelty.
I think that the film will be of interest to anyone who is at least a little interested in India and the East.