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Thanks to @conneropp for the idea; @wiz_c has posted it on reddit, and the post has been upvoted a lot. I think it would be an excellent community involvement project.


Probably easier than it sounds. The only hard part is finding out which keys were used for certain hashes.
Let’s say you have a giant file, one of each hash you have.
You can use a file containing all the keys to find out what the hashes are.
You could have a file with all the integers from 1 to 20. Then you write each key to a new line, one key per line. You could have the file line up by hash with the hash on the left. Then you would make a small loop for each hash in the file.
for each hash
for each of the keys in that hash
if hash % (key + 1) == 0
hash the new hash into a new file line

Eventually you will find out how many keys were used for each hash, but it won’t be that hard.
BTW, this program would be most useful if there were existing keys that everyone was sharing on other sites. Then the data would just be a matter of looking for duplicates of that same file.


You can use HashCat.

Find the correct hash that’s used for a file.

Obviously using a hash-cat-like program from a Windows machine to crack a Mac OS X file wouldn’t be easy, but it could certainly be done.


In contrast to the other answer I don’t think you have to go through the file as described. I actually tried that and it was not very effective:

Connect via SSH to the machine (MacDrive is a file sharing service that doesn’t require SSH access)

Using the file sharing client find the remote directory in which the files you want to crack are stored

$ find. -maxdepth 1 -type f

Copy the hash to hashcat-cli and use the debug utility

hashcat-cli debug
If a hashing method is found it is displayed. In this case SHA256

Hash type: 64 bit, using the 4.0 preprocessor



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