MyPendriveX4 (formerly MyPendrivePro) Crack Torrent [Mac/Win]

by valkaff
Published: June 8, 2022 (3 weeks ago)


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MyPendriveX4 (formerly MyPendrivePro) Crack Free Download For Windows

* Automatic start of multiple documents
* Unified drive context menus (external and internal drives)
* Unlimited “secret” autorun lists
* Start of first program found in internal drives
* Start of first program found in external drives
* Creation of a stand-alone applications bundle
* Install USB drives
* Store documents
* Plug and Play with Windows
* Support more than 40 CPU’s: AMD64, IA64, x86, x86_64, CPU-optimized
* Portable (Autorun.inf not longer required)
* Gzip (Compression) of all files
* No DRM schemes, no secret attributes, no usernames, no passwords, no file encryption
* Batch mode, automatic backups (includes ISO files, CD images and script files)
* Quick access to your favorite documents (Quick Open)
* Find and replace (with regex support)
* Auto save (with unlimited backups)
* Customized font size and GUI (all themes are customizable)
* Built-in Autorun manager (Autorun lists)
* Support for multiple monitors (Windowed mode)
* Support for external drives
* Support for external (hot swapped) drives
* Integrated memory card reader
* Plug and Play with BootManager
* Re-hosted from old myPendrivePro
* Split dll calls (up to 90x faster)
* Native multitasking
* No Installer
* Compile your own application
* Afterburner support
* CPU-optimized
* 32 and 64 bits Windows versions
* Subtree support
* Ultra fast and powerful
* Small application size (4-5 MB zipped)
* Deep integrated help file (and more)
* Free updates
* No compilation
* Start of any application by name
* Auto backup of all documents
* Automatic drive listing
* Auto backup of “secret” autorun lists
* Create your own Autorun lists
* Ftp service
* Aplicatif support
* Convert documents to any supported format
* convert file types…
* Screenshot support
* Documents and applications appear as drive (type)
* File access information
* Extract files (zip, rar, tar.gz, etc.)
* Split files
* Create DVD/RW
* Extract archives
* Add files to archives
* Convert extensions
* Rename files
* Icon support
* Open

MyPendriveX4 (formerly MyPendrivePro)

(website home page)

I have installed it and now can send large files from my pendrive to a webserver: when it starts, the computers starts to ask which program will handle the file. However I don’t know how to integrate it into Firefox. It was easy for IE and Chrome, but not into Firefox.
How should the autorun.inf file look? (I have tried a lot of different things, but I don’t know how to make it work for Firefox 3.5)


Here are the steps:

Plug USB pendrive, PC boots up and go to control panel
Open Desktop
Open run
Click on gear icon (advanced)
Click on add button (should be between the text “myPendriveX4” and “myPendriveX4.exe”)
Click on Browse to find autorun.inf file.
Right click on autorun.inf and click on open with.
Select Adobe PDF reader. Click ok.
Open autorun.inf and check if there are the necessary sections.
A usb pendrive does not have to be first in boot order. Just remove any usb pendrive from the boot list before starting it. It might bring another one as first.

I hope this will help somebody.

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MyPendriveX4 (formerly MyPendrivePro) Crack+ Activation Key

start your programs or documents without the “start” icon (personalized logo, splash screen,…)
automatically show an image in the tray icon when a drive is connected (joke, image…)
automatically launch your favorite programs on external drives, USB drives, MP3 players or other memory supports
automatically launch your favorite applications on HP’s Media Web Server (HPMWS)
powerful context menus that let you open or show files, programs, documents or images with a double click right on the drive
automatically launch your favorite applications on a media server like HP Media Web Server (HPMWS)
works on an external USB drive or an internal HDD.
this all depends on the version you use.
HERE are the full features that are compatible with your version:
automatically open external drives connected to the PC (USB, CD)
automatically launch applications (programs, documents, images,…)
use in HP Media Web Server (HPMWS)
automatic connection with attached drives (USB, CD,…)
enterprise application (XAP or Programmable PIC)
AutoRun GUI
you can choose to open a program or a document in the tray, on the desktop, open a program or application window from the desktop, open a program or document in a new window in the desktop and so on
easy to use – no lengthy manual
customize the appearance
various appearance such as:
background (shield color, tree,…)
themen of the System Tray (XP, Windows 7)
themen of the tray icons (winows 7)
options of “Add” and “Remove” icons
icons with menu (winows 7)
new menu items for the context menu
integrated theautorun.inf function
automatically show an image in the tray icon when a drive is connected
works in:
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 2008
Windows 8
Windows 10
we support our software with our support
one or multiple drives
Connect devices: 1..4 USB
Connect devices: 1..4 External HDD
Connect devices: 1..4 MP3 Players
Connect devices: 1..4 USB/External HDD
Connect devices: 1..4 Mp3 Players/MP3 Players
Connect devices: 1..4 USB/External HDD/MP3 Players
automatically show an image in the tray icon

What’s New In MyPendriveX4 (formerly MyPendrivePro)?

myPendriveX4 is a USB drive toolkit, created to manage all type of drive with only one plug-in application, run on any Windows operating system version from XP till 7, 32 or 64 bit.
It allows to create autorun.inf, autorun.nsh, autorun.ini, and autorun.mpg (myPendriveX4)
The application will work the only time the user installs myPendriveX4.
myPendriveX4 will not run from installation media like Windows XP CD or USB Flash drive.
myPendriveX4 is not a bootable program. It will create an autorun.inf file, and will cache all the files required for the program to be run the only time the user plugs the drive.
You can optionally add an autorun.exe to start your applications.
You can also include icons on the autorun.inf file to show an splash screen.
myPendriveX4 is small (3.32 MB) and free (NO AGREE), so you can try without paying for it!
The Application has the ability to identify a drive, so you can customize your autorun.inf file for each type of drive you use.
myPendriveX4 will open the default application associated with each kind of drive.
myPendriveX4 will create a compatible autorun.inf file to your drive (if the drive has a compatible autorun.inf file)
Following are the features of myPendriveX4:
Unique Splash screen The application can show a pre-defined splash screen for each kind of drive you use (Internal, External Hard Disk, USB Pendrives, etc.).
Autorun support Can create and manage autorun.inf files with several options (Support for all kind of drives).
Autoload applications Can load (Autoload) applications with the Autorun dialog.
Autorun multiple applications Split the Autorun dialog into several popups.
Autoload multiple applications Can start several applications at one time.
Autorun a batch file Is also possible to start your own project with the Autorun feature (Create your own autorun.bat or file).
Autorun a file button (Drive button) Can show a autorun button (Drive button) at the tray.

System Requirements:

– Windows® XP, Vista, Windows 7 or later- Intel® Core 2 Duo processor, 2GHz or greater- 4GB RAM- DirectX® 9.0c compatible video card (256MB VRAM) with Pixel Shader 3.0 support- Windows® Media Center support (including DVR support)
Remember, this release of GSAK works best with Intel’s Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) cards.
Last Updated:
March 21, 2010
Version Number:
Minor GUI Changes