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Portable Universal Ad Blocker Crack+ Free License Key Free

If you’re looking for a complete ad-blocking solution with no add-ons, then Portable Universal Ad Blocker is what you need. If you’ve used another ad-blocker before and you found it to be slow and annoying, then you should definitely give Portable Universal Ad Blocker a try. This one works with all versions of windows, and since it is portable, it means you can use this program on any computer you have. It’s fast, it can block flash ads, it can block pop-ups, and it’s small and easy to use. It’s built with intuitive features and it’s pretty much all that you could want from an ad-blocker.

Ads on your computer are all well and good, but they’re not always on your computer. Portable Universal Ad Blocker will block them, and it’s small and portable, so it will fit nicely in your pocket, your purse, your briefcase, or your backpack. If you’re looking to block all ads on the internet, and you don’t have any add-ons installed on your computer, then you need Portable Universal Ad Blocker.

Portable Universal Ad Blocker Features:

Portable – Portable Universal Ad Blocker is small, light and easy to use. You can run it with minimal effort on any operating system without worrying about compatibility issues. If you’re running Windows, you don’t even have to install it. Simply run Portable Universal Ad Blocker.exe, and it will automatically install itself without any unnecessary prompts.

Block all ads – This is what Portable Universal Ad Blocker is all about, and it does it very well. It does not require any special add-ons or software to block ads, so you don’t need to install anything else. You just need to launch Portable Universal Ad Blocker, and it will automatically start blocking ads.

Block flash ads – The support for Flash ads is what allows Portable Universal Ad Blocker to block more ads than most ad-blockers. It will block any kind of Flash ads that you come across on websites, including all different kinds of advertising, promotion and social media.

Block pop-ups – Ad-blockers are not the only thing that will block pop-ups. Portable Universal Ad Blocker is also able to block all kinds of popup ads on websites.

Block ads from

Portable Universal Ad Blocker Crack+ Serial Key For Windows

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BakBone is a free, easy-to-use tool that makes it easier to protect your online data and keep your information secure.

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Database of user and account information.

File encryption to keep your passwords and account data safe.

Mobile and desktop applications to access BakBone securely on any device.

Email notifications to alert you to any changes in your account details.

Automatic password reset feature to get back into your account.

Password generator for new users.

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Portable Universal Ad Blocker Crack+

Version, Portable Universal Ad Blocker is the most popular alternate to the well-known ad-blocker MaxBlock.
We provide an easy interface that allows you to install all necessary extensions, without the need to run any additional processes.

It is the most complete and easy-to-use Adblocker which brings you complete control of your online advertising experience. Add or remove Filters, set Rules, Restore Unblocked Sites, Schedule Ads and more.
You need to start Portable Universal Ad Blocker using the portable executable file.

As it is already implied, Portable Universal Ad Blocker works in virtually any way of browser and follows the software compatibility guidelines. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the configuration of your browser, as well as other PC components.

Customizing ads is a prominent new feature in Portable Universal Ad Blocker. This way, you can filter out ads from the content area. A straightforward interface allows you to insert custom categories, and filter out the ads of the chosen category.
Furthermore, the application sports a special software compatibility settings. The Rules editor now supports IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera, eliminating the compatibility issues associated with the extension.

Another notable feature is the deep integration with popular and powerful online advertising platforms. Therefore, you can add conditions to everything including the AdSense network, Google Video, DoubleClick, Overture, Yahoo and more. The programming interface allows you to alter the preferences for each platform as well as enter the game rules for them.

Portable Universal Ad Blocker – Advanced Features:

*Advanced filtering system allows you to filter the ad content and the ads. It’s simple and easy to set advanced filtering criteria such as the right click.
*Powerful search engine filtering allows you to filter the URL or the text and tags of ads.
*Advanced regular expressions allow you to filter the ads based on their text.
*Fully automatic mechanism which allows you to define the timing and duration of ads to be blocked.
*No manual installation or registry. Portable application works in virtually any way of browser on your PC.
*Customizable rules editor allows you to define your own rules and adjust them as you see fit.
*Deep integration with popular and powerful advertising platforms including AdSense, YouTube, Hulu, DoubleClick and more.

Ad-Blocking Site:

Ad-Blocking Software

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What’s New in the?

Portable Universal Ad Blocker is a fairly simple program that can improve your experience with the web by blocking annoying ads. As opposed to similar ad-blocking products, this one manages to cover virtually any web browser on today’s market.

It is the to-go version of Universal Ad Blocker and sports the exact same feature set as the latter, but does not require installation. Moreover, it can be carried on a removable drive and launched on any machine without touching the registry.

Truth be told, there is some uniqueness to Portable Universal Ad Blocker, in the way that is sports a slightly different behavior than products belonging to the same category. We’ve seen a lot of browser extensions in action, however, the downside to them is that they bear exclusivity with a certain navigator.

On the other hand, Portable Universal Ad Blocker is compatible with any browser and there’s the first advantage of working with it. It also sports an intuitive interface, where blocking advertisements is a one-click operation, literally.

The changes do not depend on a browser restart, despite the fact that a special prompt (stating that a restart may be needed) is displayed whenever you change the status of the ad-blocking process. Nonetheless, in order to notice the effects, you need to reload each open tab.

On the downside, Portable Universal Ad Blocker lacks in flexibility, most of all. Compared to similar applications, including browser extensions, the program is low on features such as special filters and custom rules.

Ease Of Use:

Portable Universal Ad Blocker is fairly easy to use. Most of the configuration options of Portable Universal Ad Blocker are available via a drop-down menu that enables you to switch on/off specific categories of ad units.

In addition, you are able to save the user settings as presets for quick access later on.

The program also sports a handy contextual menu that informs you of this functionality.


Portable Universal Ad Blocker is a bit more limited in terms of extensibility. However, the settings can be edited by hand using the add-ons manager.

Furthermore, Portable Universal Ad Blocker sports a help section that is displayed whenever you need some pointers.


Portable Universal Ad Blocker is fairly fast in terms of navigation. For instance, it does not bring about lags, even when you have a full-

System Requirements:

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