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SMTP Server Pro is a SMTP POP3 mail server that will help you to receive high-volume messaging.
It is simple, light-weight and reliable; it has security features to prevent DDoS attacks and block SPAM. It can be installed on several computers in different custom forms what lets you keep the common message queue; user mailboxes and the other components on separate dedicated PCs.
The user interface of the program can be installed separately from the SMTP and POP3 services. This will give you an ability to manage all your servers from a single PC as well as make your servers working in the logoff mode. For software debugging and testing purposes, the testing mode is available.
Using this mode you can check your email clients and other corporate software that relies on email messaging. As a personal solution, it is ideal for laptop PC users who travel a lot and have to use different Internet Service Providers (ISP) on the run. Using the program, you will never encounter a sending problem wherever you connect your PC to a network or phone socket.







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The software includes an advanced Anti-Virus module that can provide real-time anti-virus protection. It monitors the Windows registry and updates all the system files, even it can avoid the signs of future viruses. It also has the ability to take automatic maintenance actions at the scheduled times. And It can run in the background with a silent mode.

The program also comes with an intuitive set of controls, which will let you manage the monitor, update and configure tasks, and will save your time. Along with this, it will remain the status of the updates at the top of the window. It can also manage the settings in the background of the PC and will avoid the signs of future viruses.

Along with these, you will get easy to use menu controls that can easily protect your PC from the threats and can manage all the settings. With the help of the menu control panel, you can easily access the firewall settings, network settings, antivirus settings, windows updates, proxy settings, anti-phishing modules, etc.

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SMTP Server Pro Crack + With Serial Key X64 Latest

SMTP Server Pro Serial Key is a useful, simple and fast application. The program helps you to receive large amounts of email messages with its secure and efficient server. It works as a complete replacement of the Microsoft Exchange server and can also be used as email gateway to the corporate Exchange server.
The program has very powerful configuration options that allow you to run the program without having administrator privileges on your machine. The program can also be turned on and off automatically after the machine has been rebooted.
Program Features:
Receives large numbers of emails.
Enables email sending in the log-off mode.
The program can work even if Outlook Express, Eudora or any other mail client is not installed on your machine.
Program Can Be Installed on Several PCs, So That You Can Keep All Your Important Emails in One Place
The program can be used as a server without using administrator privileges.
The program allows various protocols of the email clients to connect to the program and process the email messages.
If the SMTP server is running on a machine that is not accessible via Internet, this server can be used as a gateway to the Internet.
The program allows you to easily block the unwanted e-mail messages such as Spam and Virus.
You Can Disable SMTP Service in a Repetitive Manner
Very easy to install and configure.
Small sized.
No files to upload to the server.
Disable SMTP Service when PC is in the Log-Off Mode.
User Interface is available to manage your network communication and it is very easy to use.
How To Install/uninstall:
Install SMTP Server Pro on your PC as usual. Start program, click “Next” and select the folder where you want to save the program and its settings. That’s all. The rest is done automatically.
Uninstall the SMTP Server Pro by clicking “Add” and “Remove” buttons on “Tools” menu and selecting the program to uninstall. Then click “Save” and then “OK”. SMTP Server Pro uninstalls without any problems.
User Experience:
First time I used SMTP Server Pro to receive email messages from the server. It was easy to configure and the program was very easy to handle. After that, I never had any issues.
If you are receiving a lot of email messages, SMTP Server Pro will be a perfect solution. If you are not, you can turn the program off or on at a more flexible way.
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SMTP Server Pro With Registration Code Free Download X64 (Latest)

The SMTP Server Pro is a free yet advanced utility that allows users to easily send email messages and to receive them from the POP3 server. With SMTP Server Pro you will be able to quickly convert your POP3 mailbox into email server on your Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista client system. The design of the program allows you to configure a full-featured SMTP server for batch and interactive email sending. SMTP Server Pro supports a wide variety of SMTP protocols – the most popular ones: SMTP, SMTPS, PORT 587, PORT 465/SMTP 465, POP3, POP3S and a quick and easy implementation of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). SMTP Server Pro includes such invaluable tools like MIME-encode/decode functionalities, FastMailer mail system and easy-to-use copy/paste function for more productive and time-saving work with emails. For additional convenience, the program includes reliable internationalization with extended language support. The SMTP Server Pro has a friendly, easy-to-use user interface that allows you to configure the server parameters, add SMTP relay, and set up your clients’ access policies in a few simple steps. Additional SMTP features like HTML code support and email throttling are offered in the program. All of the features are enabled by default and you can change the settings and monitor your server status at any time. The source code of the program is available for free so you can easily modify the product if needed.
How To Install & Use SMTP Server Pro:
1. Unzip SMTP Server Pro setup file and run the installation wizard.
2. There is an option to run SMTP Server Pro as a server (console) or run it on your client computer as a client (GUI). You can define a custom port number for POP3 and SMTP and for basic configurations, fill the server password and avoid it entering automatically next time when you start SMTP Server Pro.
3. When SMTP Server Pro is set up, the configured configuration parameters are stored in the SMTP Server Pro database. You can use SMTP Server Pro web server on port 80 for diagnostic and testing purposes; it allows you to debug and troubleshoot your email system by displaying incoming and outgoing messages.
4. Double-click the SMTP Server Pro icon in the system tray to get the list of currently running servers:
5. Double-click a server in the tray to activate it:

What’s New in the SMTP Server Pro?

Server for SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) and POP3 (Post Office Protocol) email protocol used for email protocols between computers. It provides a framework for the implementation of email clients and servers for Internet Mail Access Protocol (IMAP) and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) between an email server.
It is customizable and can serve as a solution for email, fax, web page request processing, reporting, secure file transfer and other applications.
Using SMTP Server Pro, you can:
– Make sure that all email sent from a PC is received at a specified inbox on another server.
– Make sure that all email sent to a PC is delivered to an inbox on another server.
– Make sure that email sent from a server to a PC receives the specified inbox on another server.
– Read email on a server that is received by a PC.
– Write email to a specified server and receive email from a specified server.
– Make sure that the mail sent to a PC arrives in a specific inbox.
– Read email on the server that is written to a PC.
– Make sure that all email sent from a PC is received at a specified server.
– Make sure that all email sent to a PC is delivered to a specified server.
– Make sure that the mail sent from a server to a PC arrives in a specified server.
– Make sure that the email addressed to a PC arrives in the specified inbox.
– Edit, delete and post email from a specified server to a PC.
– Transfer email from a PC to a specified server.
– Receive email from a PC or a server to a specified server.
– Send email from a server to a PC.
– Receive email from a PC or a server to a specified server.
– Send email from a server to a PC.
– Transfer email from a PC to a specified server.
– Receive email from a specified server.
– Send email from a specified server to a PC.
– Receive email from a specified server.
– Send email from a specified server to a PC.
– Receive email from a PC or a server to a specified server.
– Send email from a PC to a specified server.
– Receive email from a specified server.
– Send email from a specified server to a PC.
– Receive email from a server to a PC.
– Edit, delete and post email from a specified server to a PC

System Requirements For SMTP Server Pro:

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