The Logos For The Ultimate Valkyria Chronicles 3 Hacks Online

by tanggea
Published: June 10, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

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You must agree to License terms before continuing. This site may contain “Sponsored” links to other websites. We are in no way responsible for the content of any advertisers website. These links are provided as a guideline and do not imply any endorsement of or association with the linked site, unless otherwise clearly stated.KYIV, Ukraine — The Jewish Community of Kyiv (JCC) released a statement on Friday decrying its resolution by the Jewish Federation of Ukraine (JFUK) to “recognize” and “present” both the Russian government and “self-declared” LNR and DNR to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Read: Letter JCC sends to Jewish Federation of Ukraine

The statement said the decision to “recognize” the two regimes “is not democratic and does not correspond to the standards and principles of the Jewish community.”

According to the JFUK statement, the federation’s commission has “all rights” under the statute to examine two rules of the International Criminal Court: Article 53 and 59, which “recognize the right of a member state to determine the competence of the court of that state’s legal system.”

Article 53 allows a state to turn down membership, while Article 59 gives the state the right to request the annulment of decisions of the court made against it, or of those against states in its territory.

The Jewish community of Ukraine (JCC), however, noted that the resolution of the commission – the latest in a series of international calls for the establishment of the ICC – undermines the traditional principles of world law, the security of states, and the independence and sovereignty of the states.

It added the granting of the rights to the ICC by Ukraine would be in “conformity with the principle of ‘inverse effectiveness,’ which is assumed by Article 5 of the Constitution of Ukraine,” since Ukrainian law “