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X-WinSCP Torrent

X-WinSCP Crack Mac is a secure, command-line FTP and SFTP client.

It supports different file types: text files, archives, documents, images, audio, movies, binary files (exe, zip, rar, etc).

X-WinSCP is the first FTP client to support the SCP protocol.

X-WinSCP is the fastest FTP client, able to download at the rate of 150 MB/s.

In X-WinSCP we use a common approach to user interface design. Everything is on the screen at once, with all information included at once, and the user can navigate easily through it.



The list command list the files in the specified directory. The files are listed in the order of creation.

X-WinSCP always sends the entire list of files, even if it already knows which are the files the user wants to see.


The Get command retrieves a file, which is specified by a path on the FTP or SFTP server. If the local copy of the file is missing, X-WinSCP retrieves it from the server.

This command is the basic FTP command.


This command can be used only when the FTP server supports the Passive Mode.

It enables you to use the FTP protocol in the Passive Mode. This mode offers various advantages and is usually used to enable file transfers between different computers.

The Mode command switches the connection between the FTP and the FTP server to Passive. This means that instead of actively initiating the FTP connection and waiting for the response, X-WinSCP sends data only to the FTP server and requests the latter to actively reply.

In the case of the normal Active mode, X-WinSCP connects to the FTP server and initiates the data exchange. Thus, the FTP server responds immediately after receiving the connection request and requests information about the path to the given directory. In Passive mode, the FTP server sends this information after receiving data from X-WinSCP.

In the case of the Passive mode, the connection is established only after the FTP server sends a response to the request from X-WinSCP. The time required for establishing the connection depends on the number of connections the FTP server has to respond to.


The Passive mode can be set by PASV command. X-WinSCP specifies the port number (21 by default) and the IP address

X-WinSCP With Keygen Free

Cracked X-WinSCP With Keygen is a reliable ftp client that aims to facilitate the file transfer between different workstations. Additional support is provided for the older SCP protocol, used mainly on Unix-like platforms.
Dual-pane GUI that facilitates file management
For your convenience, the interface is split into two different panes, which enables you to access the local and the remote storage space simultaneously and transfer files much easier. With just a click, you can upload one or more files to the target FTP server.
Files can be filtered and sorted using various criteria, deleted, renamed, copied or pasted and there are various other commands for sending the file name to the clipboard, building a bookmark list, creating archives, editing or comparing files. From this point of view, the application resembles a standard file manager.
Create connection sessions and load them later
X-WinSCP enables you to initiate multiple sessions at the same time, which means that you can access more than one host or create a connection for each user. It can remember configuration settings and load them at a later time, so as to save you time. Sessions can be duplicated for a new FTP / SFTP server or executed via a PuTTy SSH terminal.
Another feature worth mentioning is the possibility to compare folders and quickly synchronize data. The application enables you to generate an action queue and prioritize tasks to complete important transfers first.
X-WinSCP Features:
The application simplifies the exchange of data, thanks to its intuitive layout
Works with SFTP and FTP servers
Creates multiple sessions and works with multiple hosts
Access local and remote storage space simultaneously
View files and folders with customizable views
PuTTy SSH terminal for executing command-line commands
Sort files using advanced features
File Management
Import and Export
Compress and Uncompress
Email to send compressed archives
Multiple Accounts
Command Line Mode
Easier to set up and use
Provides a safety box
Simple instructions for using
Optional configuration
Backups and incremental synchronization
Unix-like systems
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Download X-WinSCP
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Installation X-WinSCP
There are a lot of configurations that must be done before you can run X-WinSCP. We have listed them in the following

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X-WinSCP is a reliable FTP client that aims to facilitate the file transfer between different workstations.
It includes support for the original FTP and SFTP protocols as well as for the FTP over SSH, FTP over SSL, FTPS, FTPS over SSL and FTPS over SSH protocols.
The application can connect to FTP servers using IPv4 or IPv6 addressing as well as through FTP with port numbers less than 1024. The FTP service should be available on the host and port it is listening on.
X-WinSCP can identify the supplied FTP server with the service name and/or the full URL, the FTP host name and the address port on the remote host.
The transfer is initiated when you double click on the item in the source list, then choose the FTP server in the dialog, either by typing the server name or the address and port where the service is listening.
X-WinSCP is a dual pane file manager, that helps you manage the storage space in your local computer and files transferred to the remote server with ease.
When the file transfer is initiated, X-WinSCP automatically updates the remote screen with the contents of the transfer so that you do not lose a single byte. The remote shell is updated too.
As a result, you do not need to type the server path or enter the FTP password manually, as the application accesses the remote server automatically to display the file listing.
The file transfer operation can be easily resumed even after it was terminated with the CTRL+C on the remote side. You can then access the file from the local computer again.
Setting the target host and port can be done by clicking the button with the down arrow or pressing F5. The data can be uploaded with the button on the remote panel.
A separate window with the summary allows you to check the transfer rate and completion time for each file transfer.
You can easily see the current state of the current transfer in the global status window.
X-WinSCP can list the available FTP servers in the current computer or list of servers in the saved connection profiles.
You can rename the files transferred, delete them or remove the extension from them. In addition, it can compare the files to automatically resolve file conflicts.
File copying can be performed by simply selecting the file in the source list, then pressing the F4 key to add the destination path.
The copying function can be performed directly from the global status window. The transfer name can be copied to the clipboard and past

What’s New In X-WinSCP?

X-WinSCP is a high-quality file transfer client application for the Windows platform that allows you to easily connect to FTP, FTPS, SFTP and SCP servers.
In addition to regular FTP, X-WinSCP supports the newer Secure FTP and Secure Copy (SCP) protocols which are used on Unix-like platforms.
X-WinSCP is Open Source software and licensed under the GNU General Public License 2.0.

The app has been made with the intention of being as intuitive as possible. The user experience is optimized to help you make the most of it.


Key features include:

Windows 7:

FTP, FTPS, and SCP clients.
Support for Unicode files (UTF-8).
Unlimited active connections per session.
Group/class/user/password settings.
Scp protocol support.
Folder tree creation.
Easy file selection and deleting.
UTF-8 support for both filenames and filenames with Unicode characters (UCS-2).
The ability to perform operations with multiple files on the server.
Undo/redo mode.
Save/restore of settings (both those specified in the configuration files and those specified in the Registry).
FTP, FTPS, and SCP daemons.
Ability to copy log entries.
Automatic retries.
Ability to open remote directories from a saved bookmark.
Auto-selection of a remote directory when adding a local directory.
Ability to perform SSH private/public key authentication.
Typed or smart-fill of passwords.
Password editing.
HTTP/HTML upload page.
History for the entire session.
Attaching to remote directories that do not exist on the local computer.
Auto-complete remote filenames (and folders).
Non-blocking input.
Ability to terminate FTP, FTPS and SCP sessions.

Internet Explorer 8:

FTP, FTPS and SCP clients.
Configurable ftp localhost port for use with gateway FTP servers.
Group/class/user/password settings.
Scp protocol support.
Auto-completion of filenames containing Unicode characters (UCS-2).
Unlimited active connections per session.
Unicode file support (UTF-8).
The ability to perform operations with multiple files on the server.
Undo/redo mode.

System Requirements For X-WinSCP:

Intel P55/ P85
Hard Drive:
36 GB is recommended
There is no file size limit when using the Xbox One.
Just make sure your file is smaller than 5GB.
* Playable Blu-ray discs & HD downloads
Requires Blu-ray Disc player.
Requires an HDTV and HDMI connection
* Blu-ray Disc play back
Playable Blu