Felt Toy Sweet Cookies FREE PDF Pattern

Felt Toy Sweet Cookies FREE PDF Pattern

Do you like cookies but not the fat and the sugar? Then try out the felt cookies! These little darlings come in three unique designs. The first one was made by matching fabrics together to form a beautiful color match. Another was made by using embroidery thread to make it seem like sprinkles. The final cookie utilizes beads to imitate sprinkles just like the second one.
All three cookies can be taken on by beginner sewers and expert bakers! Little girls will love this pattern due to its simplicity yet delicious outcome. If you would like to teach kids how to sew, this would be the best pattern to start with! Personally, my daughter and her friends love these cookies and make them non-stop!
The pattern does require button hole stitching at one point, however if you find this too difficult running stitch is another option.
Baker or sewer try out this sweet treat today!  Download the pattern from here.

Finished Size: 3” WIDTH X 3” HEIGHT (LARGE)/2 3/4” WIDTH X 2 3/4” HEIGHT (SMALL)

My Pattern Includes:

  • What you need
  • Describes each step detailed with pictures
  • Computer drawn accurate actual size patterns
  • Letter & A4 paper both available

2-3 Colors of 9” x 12” felt
1-2 Fabric scraps

4-5 Colors of embroidery floss
Polyester fiberfill
Seed Beads

Ruler, Scissors, Chalk pencil, Pencil, Pins, Needle, Shape tool
* No seam allowance needed
* All units are in inches.

*CAUTION: Small children may choke on beads and other small pieces if they come loose.



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