How to Bind the Bias

How to Bind the Bias

Bind the Bias

1 Pin and stitch the bias to the lining seam, 1/2″ away from the top end of the bias tape. Backstitch on both ends.

2 Fold the bias piece over the seam.

3 Fold the short end of the bias to the wrong side.

4 Fold over the bias encasing the seam. Stitch the bias 1/8” away from the edge.

Bind the Bias (Round Seams)
1 Fold the 3/8” bias end and align the bias along one lining seam of the assembled bag.

2 Pin and sew with right sides together, backstitching on both ends.

3 Encase the seam with the bias. Pin the bias, topstitch the bias 1/8” away from the edge, backstitching on both ends. Repeat for the other side lining seams. Turn the bag right side out.

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