Is it a Shoe Bag or Lunch Bag? Kodi Lunch Bag/Shoe Carrier

I have been travelling frequently the last few years and I noticed that I always pack my shoes in spare paper or plastic bags. To leave less waste and for the fun of it, I’ve designed a multipurpose shoe bag pattern! The prism design and wide opening can neatly store almost any of your things. Including two different sizes; the bigger one for shoes and the smaller as a lunch bag. Start the Kodi Lunch Bag/Shoe Carrier Bag today and start saving on plastic bags.

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LARGE: 11 1/2” WIDTH X 12 1/2” HEIGHT X 6” DEPTH (APPROX.)

The Kondi Bag is a unique bag designed to be used when you’re travelling or for your everyday needs. Specially designed to store your daily travel items, from shoes, makeup to shaving kits! This bag can also be a great companion as a lunch bag for yourself and your children! This handy bag comes in two sizes for different shoe sizes, so remember to check the size you need before you make one for yourself. Moreover, this wonderful bag can be an awesome little bag to store your unused house hold items in a neat fashion.

PDF file Includes:

  • What you need
  • Describes each step detailed with pictures
  • Computer drawn accurate actual size patterns
  • Letter/A4 paper, both available.
  • Zipper pocket instruction provided.
  • Make the elastic pocket
  • Bind the bias
44” wide heavyweight home decorator, quilting weight cotton, leather or artificial leather
(1/2) Yard for exterior fabric
(1) Yard for lining44” wide leather of artificial leather or paper fabric
(1/4) Yard for handleINTERFACING
(1) Yard of 44” wide light weight fusible interfacing

(1) 9” All-purpose zipper for lining zipper pocket
(1) 25” Length, #5 zipper for bag opening (31” for large bag)
(2) Yards of 3/8” width bias for lining bias binding
(1) Spool of coordinating thread

Ruler, Scissors, Chalk pencil, Pencil, Sewing machine, Pins, Needle, Shape tool, 10mm double cap rivet setter tools, Hammer

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