Mini Backpack with 3 Kinds of Straps or a Mini Cross Bag

The Magali Mini Backpack / Cross Bag is just as the name says – a mini backpack and a cross bag. The pattern exemplifies a unique design with a different shape on the front and back of the pattern. Functionally, the Magali Mini Backpack works like any other small bags or purses. Yet with the irresistibly cute design, the project is more than something that can be described by function. Please check out all of the great pictures!

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The Magali Mini Backpack / Cross Bag is a unique compact travel friendly bag, designed to be carried across your body. With its stylish look and practical storage, this bag can carry all sorts of things without any worries! Thanks to its big pocket, the backpack touts a respectable amount of storage options for small belongings. It is recommended to use dark brown materials for a great natural look. A charming backpack; simply a great project for anyone looking for a convenient, and trendy bag! Magali Backpack now!

PDF file Includes:

  • What you need
  • Describes each step detailed with pictures (58 picture)
  • Computer drawn accurate actual size patterns
  • Letter/A4 paper, both available.
  • Zipper Pocket instruction provided
  • Bias binding instruction provided
  • Make the leather strap
  • Make the fabric strap
  • Make the adjustable strap
  • Bias binding
  • Attach the double capped rivet

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