Parker 2 Styles T-shirt PDF Pattern

When my children were growing up, buying t-shirts was something I never enjoyed due to the high prices. Considering the price, quality, and design, t-shirts were something that made me want to make clothes! This week’s design is inspired from this mindset. A simple and easy t-shirt that comes with two different sleeve designs! The Parker Shirt is a simple and the best basic top wear you can make for your little one! Previously featured in my book so and check it out!

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Finished Size: 12M, 18M, 24M, 3Y, 4Y, 5Y

The most basic type of t-shirt that can be used for almost any occasion. The Parker T-Shirt for Boys and Girls can be worn throughout all four seasons – as an inner wear during the winter and a simple tee during the summer. By adding puff sleeves to the shirt, you can modify it to be cuter and more suitable for the little girls. Keep in mind though; a good rule of thumb is to recycle fabrics from old clothing instead of purchasing brand new ones. Sewing up multiple shirts in various different colors will allow for easy coordination when choosing the perfect outfit for a day out!

PDF file Includes:

  • What you need
  • Describes each step detailed with pictures
  • Computer drawn accurate actual size patterns
  • Letter/A4 paper, both available.
  • Material Information
  • Single printable instruction PDF

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