Soft Animal Rattle Toy for Babies

Including two different patterns you can make this as a wonderful gift for mothers and mothers to be! The rattles can be a great play mate for the little one especially for those teething. When my children were teething as babies, I was always worried to give plastic teething toys. You can now make a soft one with organic fabric and fiber with our rattle toy patterns! Go and check out the pattern before the sale ends!

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The Animal Rattle set is a rattle set with various kinds of animals that babies can hold, play, and enjoy. The birds are made with separate wings adding another dimension and cuteness to it. The rattle set can also be a part of a big baby mobile set by attaching strings to the rattles themselves. The rattle itself can be easily purchased at local dollar stores. Adding ribbons to the neck of the giraffe is a nice finishing. Although the rattle can be made using one whole fabric, another way to approach it is by first patching scraps of fabrics together then drawing the pattern on top of it.

PDF file Includes:

  • What you need
  • Describes each step detailed with pictures
  • Computer drawn accurate actual size patterns
  • Letter/A4 paper, both available.
  • Embroidery stitching method – Back stitch, Satin Stitch

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